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Denttio delivers 3D Intraoral Scanner, Aoralscan that is designed with the user in mind. Superior engineering and detailed assembly guarantees quality while innovative technology guarantees the best. The single button operation allows you to start and stop the scanning process while holding the device easily with its impressive high speed performance. No need for powder and its small tip design, Aoralscan will optimize your patient comfort.

And now, you can monitor captured high resolution, vivid color 3D in-motion images on the screen next to you throughout the procedure. This will be the way for better communication with your patients, and furthermore, with your laboratory!


  • Impressive Speed & Accuracy
  • Powderless, Small Tip for Patient Comfort
  • High Resolution with Vivid Color 3D Image
  • AL for Simpler 3D Scanning
  • Save Money, Time, & Materials
3D Intraoral Scanner

Scan & Send Cases to Your Lab via Internet!!!

Intelligent 3D Intraoral Scanning Experience

Intelligent Data Optimization

The latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology makes scanning easier by removing excess soft tissue from the digital impression

Automatic Scan Retracing

Retracing function allows you to jump back to missing area to rescan, aligning data smoothly.

3D Intraoral Scanner 3D Intraoral Scanner

Clinical Tool Kit

Equipped with features that facilitate effective communication with patients. Furthermore, allows fast and easy transfer of scan data to dental laboratories for seamless workflows.

3D Intraoral Scanner

Specification & Recommended PC Configuration

Scanning Speed 15fps (Video-Based)
Temperature 10~40 Celsius Degree
Output Data STL, OBJ
Interface USB 3.0
Power DC 12V 1.67A
Processor i7-7700 or Higher
RAM 16GB or More
Graphic Card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or Higher
Operating System Windows 10 64bit
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    Technique and Control (Oral)