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Intraoral Camera

Denttio’s OptiPlus HD Intraoral Camera equipped with bright LED light and features CMOS technology for excellent imaging performance and delivery of the highest quality images to the screen. With real auto focus capability, OptiPlus HD is highly maneuverable while its user-friendly approach and large depth of field make it practical and easy-to-use.

OptiPlus HD connects directly to a computer USB port via USB cable, eliminating the need of docking station and make it far portable. Now, all you have to carry is the camera handpiece in your pocket from operatory to operatory.

Its signature Intraoral Imaging Software is also available that is seamlessly integrated with OptiPlus HD. OptiPlus HD can be used with most of intraoral imaging software available in the market today.

OptiPlus HD Intraoral Camera Specification

Image Sensor: CMOS
Resolution: 2 Mega Pixel
Focus Range: 9mm - 35mm
Angle of View: 70 degrees
Light Source: 2 White LED
Power Supply: USB 2.0 Port

Intraoral Camera Opti Plus HD
Intraoral Camera Opti Plus HD

Intraoral Camera Imaging Software

Our Intraoral Imaging Software is one of the most user-friendly imaging software programs providing dentists with complete intraoral imaging capabilities and electronic storage for viewing intraoral images easily from any operatory.

This signature software includes Screen Capture, Image Enhancement, Multi-View, and Case Presentation features that allow dentists to increase their case acceptance rate higher as communicating better with patients.

Denttio’s Intraoral Imaging Software is also compatible with most existing intraoral cameras that dentists have in their operatories.

Intraoral Camera Software


Intraoral Camera Sample Image Tio DIC-W20 Wireless Intraoral Camera Sample Image

Opti HD Intra Oral Camera works with YOUR Imaging Software.

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It's compatible with:

  • EagleSoft
  • Dentrix
  • Carestream (Kodak)
  • Schick Imaging
  • Dexis Imaging
  • You name it!!!