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Total Digital Solution Provider from Front to Operatory.



Protecting your data has never been more crucial than ever before. Our cloud backup solutions can help you avoiding disastrous data loss such as flood, fire, or theft that takes out your computer, leaving you with nothing. Set it and forget it with total peace of mind!

Securely Encrypted Data Backup & Monitoring

Today's complex infrastructures and targeted cyber-attacks require a complete backup strategy that protects your data. Our service will let you securely and efficiently protect your data while remotely monitoring on a regular basis and providing non-disruptive encryption.


Quick & Accurate Disaster Data Recovery


In the event of a complete site disaster, we will reload the most recent data and configuration settings stored in our cloud server onto a replacement unit and make it run quickly with no time delay.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup

HIPAA compliance is a must for healthcare providers operating and storing patient data in the cloud requires special considerations. That’s why you need to make sure you’re using the best HIPAA-compliant cloud storage available.


IT Phone Consultation Service

Our cloud backup service provides free IT consultation for your practice. If you have any questions on computers, printers, or network in your practice, contact us before calling any IT technician and save your expenses!

Free Tio Software Upgrade & Remote Technical Service*

If you use Denttio software, its upgrade program will be provided at no cost to you whenever it becomes available.