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Total Digital Solution Provider from Front to Operatory.



Send text (SMS) or email to your patients to complete your office forms and upload their ID and insurance card from wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient.

New Patient Intake Forms Online

Your new patients can access your digital forms, patient registration forms, medical/dental history forms, and all the new patient related forms, from the link you sent via text or email. They will have a freedom to complete and submit them at anytime, anywhere, with any device.


Present and Sign Digital Consent Forms and Treatment Plans at Chair-Side


Patients can read and sign electronic consent forms and treatment plans directly on a Tablet PC chair-side or anywhere in the office. Multiple electronic records can be presented and signed at once. Signed documents will be stored immediately in your Online Form portal.

Simple & Easy Upload Photos & IDs

It will only take a couple of taps for your patients to upload photos of their IDs such as driver’s license and insurance card taken with their cellular phone or tablet PC from the link you sent via text or email.


Fully Customizable Forms in Many Different Languages

If you have forms you already love to use, don’t worry. We can build and customize any forms for need even in many different languages. Comfort your patients by presenting forms in their preferred language.

Reduce Germs & Save Money

Paper intake forms, clipboards, and pens are at worst unhygienic, and at best a waste of valuable resources. Reduce germs and save money without extra effort.