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Loupes/LED Headlight

Have a Better Look with Ergonomic Comfort

eScope - Handcrafted TTL loupes from KOREA

eScope, our Through the Lens (TTL) loupes are made with precision to align to a user's facial features, in order to offer extraordinary visual clarity throughout the entire viewing field, while also providing excellent field width and depth.

Every eScope is customized to the individual user and hadcrafted in Korea with a dedication to quality craftmanship.

eScope Benefits:

  • Custom Made for Best Fit
  • High Definition optics
  • Wide Field of View
  • Lightweight Titanium Frame
  • Excellent Depth of Field
  • Brightest LED Light

eScope combines Ergonomics and Optics with True Custom Fit Technology

  • Individual Facial Data Measurement
    We measure and collect critical facial features and data that affect the individual fit and position of the loupes.

  • Custom Analysis for Best Ergonomic Fit
    We analyze the facial data and custom fit the loupes to be consistent with the user's line of sight and working distance. The final height and angle of the loupes are unique and custom as the face of each user.

  • Handcrafted Fabrication
    We ensure proper focus and collimation, the individually designed loupe system is fabricated so the user can enjoy the most ergonomic angle without compromising line of sight.

Person with Loupes

Available Magnification:

Magnification x2.5


Magnification x3.0


Magnification x3.3


Magnification x3.8


Magnification x5.0


***Frames are available in different design and color.

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eLight - The Brightest & Lightweight Long Lasting Headlight

eLight, our LED Headlight offers one of the brightest pure white LED beam with lightweight design, and equipped with super long lasting power battery that allows you to perform your procedures more efficiently and smoothly.

The Ultimate High Performance LED Headlight

eLight 1

Easy Mounting Adaptor
Fit to All Major Loupes

eLight Benefits:

  • The Brightest & Smallest LED Headlight
  • Perfect Uniform Round White LED Beam
  • Lightweight Compact Headlamp
  • Super Long Lasting Battery Life
  • Fexible, Super Thin & Strong Cable
  • Easy Mounting Adaptor
  • Fit to All Major Loupes in the Market
  • Adjustable Light Intensity Control
eLight 3

Ultra Light
Extreme Power
Litium Polymer
Smart Battery