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Denttio delivers one of the most efficient ways to handle your patient appointment. Now you can free up your time with powerful, user-friendly automated text reminder service, so you can dedicate your full attention to what’s most important, your patients.

Appointment Reminder Service*

Automated Appointment Reminder that Saves Your Time & Money

Most patients no-show because they simply forget their appointment. Sending out reminders using Denttio’s Automated Reminder Service can easily make sure patients show up on time and keep your schedule full. Your office can cut no-show rates drastically to less than five percent!!!

Appointment Reminders

Patients get automatic reminders about their Upcoming appointment so they don’t miss it.

Customizable Settings

The content and design of patient messages are unique to your practice. You can customize scheduled delivery times, language, and message text all based on your preferences.

Auto Confirmation

Automated text, email confirmations are sent directly to your PMS. No need to manually update.

Message History

See a history of all messages sent to your patients and be able to read the actual texts that were sent. Get notified immediately when a message is not successfully received by a patient.

*Service Sold Separately.

Recall Reminder Service*

Automated Recall Increases Patient Visits. It’s Simple - Get your Patients to Return Regularly and Keep Your Schedule Full

It is no doubt that it’s so much easier to keep the patients you have and get them in for needed recall than to try to get new patients. Denttio’s flexible, customizable, automated recall reminders can make it happen. Keep your schedule full and get patients back in for necessary preventive care and follow-up care for chronic conditions.


Proactive Recall Messaging

Our recall reminder will automatically contact your patients when they are due for cleaning. You no longer need to keep track!

*Service Sold Separately.

SMS Service*

Patients can Interact with Your Office and Receive Answers Quickly through Two Way Text Messages.

It allows your patients to text back and forth with your practice in real-time via both-way messaging, and your staffs can respond directly from their desktop computers. Whether they are running late or need to change their appointment, patients love the personal touch and the ease of communicating with a live person in your practice.


Both Way Texting

It gives you the ability to personally communicate with your patients on an individual basis via text. Just exchange texts right from your computer. No mobile phone is needed!

*Service Sold Separately.

Are you sending text appointment reminders to your patients? If not, you should be. Here are reasons why:

  1. 95% of millennials say they want to receive text message appointment reminders and other texts from your office.
  2. The preference for appointment reminder text messaging extends to older generations as well. Two-thirds of Boomers want texts from their providers.