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Digital X-Ray

Denttio delivers the latest technology sensors that connect directly to a computer USB port via USB cable. With its rounded corner design, the sensors are more portable and comfortable than ever. This high performance CMOS sensor will provide superior quality image that will make our digital x-ray system even more remarkable than any other sensors in the market today.

Tio-h Sensor Specification

Sensor Technology: CMOS
Pixel Resolution: 25 lp/mm
Active Area (mm):
Adult Size (#2) 34.0 (L) x 26.0 (W)
Pedo Size (#1) 30.0 (L) x 20.0 (W)
Dimension (mm):
Adult Size (#2) 41.9 (L) x 30.4 (W) x 5.6 (H)
Pedo Size (#1) 39.0 (L) x 25.0 (W) x 5.3 (H)
Cable Attachment: Reinforced Strain Relief
USB Module: Integrated USB 2.0
Digital XRay Sensor

Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

Our Digital X-Ray Imaging Software is one of the most user-friendly digital x-ray imaging software with a minimal learning curve making the transition from conventional x-rays to digital far easier than any other digital x-ray system. Capture and view crisp, clear x-ray images on screen will only take just a few seconds and its automatic taking, without the need to return to computer, will make your FMX procedure only to 5 minutes from start to finish. Features include Case Presentation, Multi-View, History Browser and Enhancement Window plus many more to give you outstanding image quality for better diagnosing and patient communication.

Digital XRay Software

Digital X-Ray Images

Digital XRay