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Pan/Ceph/3D Imaging


  • The CdTe sensor produces high quality images while reducing exposure level
  • Multi-focus function improves image analysis and avoids the need for re-exposure
  • The combination of linear and rotation movement allows for a greater variety of exposure modes
Papaya Sample Image
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  • Papaya Plus

    Papaya Plus
    • The optimized mechanical structure is designed for symmetrical balance, enchanced safety and durability
    • The Cephalometric FR laser makes it easy to position the patient
    • The position sensing sensor aids in all exposure modes to avoid any operating mistakes
    • Only 4 seconds for scanning cephalometric image in fast mode reducing motion artifacts
    Papaya Plus Sample Image
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  • 3D CBCT (3D CT / Panoramic / Cephalometric)

    Papaya 3D
    • Multi - FOV Selection: Endo, Teeth, Jaw, & Face
    • 7.7 sec. Fast Scan for 3D Image
    • Dedicated Three SEnsors for Each Mode
    • Auto Stitching Technology
    • Saftey, Stability, & Durability
    Papaya 3D Sample Image
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  • Papaya 3D Presentation Video